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alreagy got paid by Nuffnang..my first time

>> Ahad, 25 April 2010

today ...my lucky day.. at last..I got paid from Nuffnang.. Although the amount is small for now..I know..it will be increasing more after this. Yes!! Okay..to all new Nuffnangers out there,right now..I already understand Nuffnang rules and regulation..how to get paid..and so on.. To those really need help using Nuffnang system...feel free to contact me through my blog at http://www.noraabdulwahab.blogspot.com/ or just email me ur questions at noraabdulwahab@yahoo.com
for sure,I'll help u guys..


ajjah 25 April 2010 8:07 PTG  

owhh nak taauuu jugakk :)

nora 25 April 2010 8:17 PTG  

feel free to be my follower..then I'll email 2 u the tips..k.

Putri_Aizat 25 April 2010 8:27 PTG  

bestnyer...tak pernah dapat pun...braper lame ye gan nuffnang...tak penah dapat campaign pun... :(

kenwooi 25 April 2010 8:57 PTG  

cool.. congrats and keep it up =)

Bo the Nerd 3 Mei 2010 1:38 PTG  

Tahniah dapat 1st cheque! Teruskan usaha ye :)

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