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TIPS #3 : How To Get Buffered Advertisement from Nuffnang

>> Ahad, 23 Mei 2010

ok..topic 4 today..How To Get Buffered Advertisement from Nuffnang . Actually, before this..I already post 2 tips 4 new Nuffnangers but 4 today, this tips will help u guys to get more ads especially Buffered Ads.
If u are a tough blogger or blogger addicts, u can follow steps below:

  1. make sure u always update the survey form at Nuffnang page.. maybe twice a month already good.
  2. when u viewing Nuffnang page, please read all the ads on Nuffnang site. If u feel any ads very interesting, u can start posting new posts by writing about the Ads. Please do not COPY PASTE becoz that's not good. Try to write the ads again in ur own words.
  3. as usual, ur blogs traffic should be high enough , so that u will be selected by Nuffnang (to be put the buffered ads on ur blogs).
  4. the last tips..u can blog walking 2 other Nuffnangers site to increase ur traffic and to share opinion 'bout each others blogs.
Hopefully, these tips will help u all. I know it's very easy to follow all the tips..but some of u still didn't get any ads from Nuffnang. The   important thins is only one, everybody should be so PATIENT. Some of u maybe so luck,only 1 months with Nuffnang already got paid..but mybe another,still with Nuffnang for years, but still haven't got paid..

4 ur information, I'm very new 2 Nuffnang.. I think just 1 month ++. but I already gets so many ads on my blogs..and I also get the Buffered Ads dancing all the time on my blogs.. Just be patient, the money will come 2 u soon.

That's all 4 todays... I need 2 go 2 school now.. The mid year exam starts today..to all my students, I wish u luck and please get A's for my Maths okay...


(PS:Please give ur comment about my blogs and my entry).


nadiah daud 23 Mei 2010 8:20 PTG  

thanks for the tips! :)
niway, dpt projek alpha!

kenwooi 23 Mei 2010 8:49 PTG  

thanks for sharing =)

suhaisweet 24 Mei 2010 1:18 PG  

nice tips..wish me too..visit mine if free k.;D

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