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Lesson to be remembered 4 a life time

>> Sabtu, 1 Mei 2010

Guys,, see this..
Last night, I've watching news at Channel 9.. One of the news were closed to my heart.. why?? Read the news below..

It was taken from NST Today..

IPOH: It was a lesson to be remembered a lifetime.

More than 30 Mat Rempit and their pillion riders who were rounded up in a police operation yesterday learned the hard way when they were ordered to push their bikes for more than three kilometres to the Sungai Senam police station even before they started racing in Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah.

When they arrived at the station, the exhausted youths were told to stand straight and sing the Negaraku before they were issued summonses. Seven motorcycles were seized during the operation.

Why I told U these so close to me.. becoz I also do this during my lesson time at school.. When my students didn't bring books 2 school..all the way to the Hall..they also need to sing NEGARAKU.. some of them thinks so shamed doing that.. but that was a GOOD lesson.. otherwise..they will always remembered this song..

4 all my students who read this, I as ur teacher always want u 2 be the best.. this is only a lesson 2 u to be a good human ...


kenwooi 1 Mei 2010 7:45 PTG  

lol.. sing negaraku pulak.. =P

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